About me

Xiaoshuang Jia, Ph.D. student, sociology, SYSU

As a sociologist, I’m interested in finding the social processes behind social phenomenons, that is, how actions, connections, and interactions of (and between) people (and environments) lead to certain outcomes. To become a computational sociologist, I devote myself to learn the state-of-the-art computational methods and techniques, such as machine learning, neural networks, social network analysis and Agent-based modeling. I apply them to my research to answer question in social science. A projects I'm doing currently is a practice of such combination, which aims at finding the ground truth(social process) through observations using the power of computational models.



2011.09-2015.06 B.A. sociology, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China
2015.09-2017.12 Ph.D. student sociology, Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China
2017.12-2018.12 Visiting student Knowledge Lab, the University of Chicago, USA



  • Liang, Yucheng and Xiaoshuang Jia. Mover, Stayer, and Their Endogenous Heterogeneity. Social Science Front (Chinese CSSCI).2016(12)
  • Liang, Yucheng and Xiaoshuang Jia. An introduction of Data-Driven Agent-Based Modeling.Journal of Guizhou Normal University, Social Science.2016(6)
  • Liang, Yucheng and Xiaoshuang Jia. The Occupation Features of Chinese middle- class in Big City. Chinese Social Science Tody. 2016(1113)
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      for Agent-Based Modeling
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